Receiving Hope Center

The Receiving Hope Center in Dallas is a short-term residential facility providing trauma-informed care to survivors of domestic minor sex trafficking. Up to 20 participants (ages 12-17) attend Hope Academy there for school, receive medical services, individual and group therapy, and ongoing behavioral support. The center is part of the nonprofit organization Wellspring Living and has heavily depended on generous donations of goods, meals, and services from businesses, churches, organizations, and individual families within the community. While Wellspring Living has been around for 20 years, Receiving Hope Center is just one year old and still trying to establish some extra support for its participants.  

One new action item is related to the incentives program initiated by the behavioral health coordinator, Mr. Delton. The center would like to regularly reward the participants who make progress in the program and make great decisions despite the trauma and emotional distress they have endured. People in the community are donating supplies for this initiative, but in order to keep it going, more will be needed on an ongoing basis.  

Another key area of emphasis is to support the dance team.  It may sound like an extravagant extra, but it’s more critical for some. Kids on this dance team (sponsored by Ms. Danielle and Ms. China) are making great progress and really wear this as a badge of honor.  Some of the participants come out of their shells and it’s amazing to see how their confidence builds as a result of their ability to perform with this group. Due to anonymity and participant security, they only perform for the staff at the facility there. Ms. Danielle and Ms. China are looking to acquire 20 dance team uniform donations once per quarter since the participant group is evolving. Cosmetics such as glitter eyeshadow and foundation for different ethnicities are also being requested.

If you are interested in partnering with the Receiving Hope Center in any way, please contact the volunteer captain by email. Lisa Braddock has been a resident of Bentwater for 20 years and has been working with the Receiving Hope Center since retiring from teaching one year ago. “We are ecstatic about the way some businesses and churches have come alongside the center donating their services and are hopeful about future donation drives to benefit the most needy of teenage participants in our community. They need to experience the love of Jesus and know how much this community cares about them.” Also contact Lisa if you would be interested in pursuing volunteer training to get involved on a more personal level. Volunteers who are trained in trauma-informed care are needed for tutoring, arts and crafts activities, games, meals, physical fitness fun, book clubs, and probably some activities that you are already passionate about.

Lisa Braddock


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