God is Resurrecting New Life Into the Dead and Barren Places in Your Life

As I am looking out my office window I can see the effects on my plants and flowers from the hard freeze we had the night before last. What I did not cover is turning brown and dying. I wonder if these plants will ever come to life again. The Lord always teaches me through observing nature. I can see that my yard is appearing to be lifeless, and the once vibrant colors are now brown and some even black. It looks impossible for my once lush plants and flowers to bloom and be alive again.

Much like my yard that has gone dormant for the Winter, many have felt their lives have gone dormant. Our lives once were breathing with life and zest are now feeling barren and dry. We need God to breathe life into our weary and parched souls again, but it looks impossible because nothing is changing in our circumstances. What if what God is doing in this new season will have little to do with changing our circumstances, but instead changing us. Yes, God cares deeply about the things that concern you but He is so much more interested in you coming back to your first love. Too much has competed for our time and attention, and taken us away from the source of life.

God is calling His children not to the church, but to Him. God wants in this hour not to draw people to more programs and groups, but to intimacy with the Father. The busyness and cares of this world have snuffed out being in-tune with the Holy Spirit and have been replaced with the agenda of the demonic kingdom. This agenda promotes fear, worry, and anxiety-much of what we have seen this last year with COVID alone.

Jesus is saying in this hour to step away from the distractions and confusion that have engulfed so many, and step into the presence of God by getting alone with Him. God wants to rekindle His relationship with you. God’s agenda is to pour His love upon you and to heal you from the trauma and fear that has ravaged our nation.

God is going to breathe new life over you and the things in your life that have been dormant and lifeless. You will know that the winter is drying up and coming to an end, and spring will burst forth hope and life. You will live again! This is your season to reap your harvest. You have planted in tears in the winter, but you are going to reap in life and life more abundantly in the spring. Spring brings the promise of new life, but this spring is bringing not new life but bringing to life what you thought was dead and hopeless.

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