Adopt Don’t Shop!

If you know the women behind Town Square at all, you know that we are HUGE animal lovers! Our hope is to find as many animals loving homes as possible, but we need your help to do it!

We are hoping to find a sponsor for our pet page! With your help, we could place a Friends To The Forlorn pup and a Fancy Feline kitty directly into over 25,000 mailboxes. If you are interested in helping these animals find their forever homes, please email us at

Need convincing? Read these statistics provided by about how many animals are affected in shelters and rescues.


  • 6–8 million animals end up in shelters each year, half of which will probably not be adopted.
  • 25 percent of pets in shelters are purebreds. Breed-specific rescue groups always have purebred dogs and puppies looking for new homes.
  • Most pets end up homeless through no fault of their own—”moving” and “landlord issues” are the top reasons people give for relinquishing their pets, meaning shelters and rescue groups are full of wonderful, family-ready pets.
  • Pets adopted from shelters and rescue groups typically cost less than pets purchased or even acquired for free—once you add in the cost of vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, microchip, dewormer and other “extras” included in your adoption fee, you’ll probably be surprised what a bargain an adopted pet really is!
  • Most shelters and rescue groups conduct thorough behavioral analyses of each pet to ensure that they will be the right fit for your family.
  • Shelters and rescue groups can provide advice on making your relationship with your pet the best it can be for the rest of their life, so you’ll never have to go it alone.

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