Meet the Johnson Family

Family is always one of the most important pieces in one’s life, but being a part of a family that celebrates and brings together differing cultures is something truly special. Meet the Johnson’s – David, Latoya, Nathanael, Jennipher, and Abraham (AJ).

David was born in Ghana, West Africa and moved to the U.S. in 1995. Latoya is originally from Jamaica, West Indies, but moved to New York just the year before in 1994. They met while working at a Sam’s Club, and while Latoya was skeptical at first, they hit it off in no time. Their time at Sam’s Club eventually came to an end but their story was just beginning! The two fell in love and spent the next 10 years living in New York and raising their children.

David and Latoya have now been together for over 21 years, married for 10 of those (with a super long engagement!). They decided to move their family to Paulding over 10 years ago in order to enjoy a slower paced life and provide a safer environment for their kids as they grew up. 

David now works in logistics with UPS and Latoya is a Registered Nurse practicing Quality and Training. David also leads the prayer team at New Season Church in Hiram. He is a prayer warrior and loves and appreciates the importance of prayer in their daily walks with Christ. In addition to being active within their church community, the Johnsons run a family organization called 100 Plates. This ministry provides warm blankets and coats to those in need during winter months, as well as various meals throughout the year. They believe that each one can reach one!

Their kids are truly incredible and share a unique bond! Their oldest, Nathanael, is kind and spirited. He loves the arts, especially music and theater. Nathanael attends KSU where he is studying Information Technology. Jennipher, their only daughter, is the diva of the family! Her smile is contagious and she radiates joy. She participates in track & field and, despite only being in the 10th grade, looks forward to attending Spelman College after she graduates high school. AJ is their bouncing baby boy! He is full of life and keeps the whole family on their toes. He has the cutest little laugh and can make everyone around him happy. AJ’s favorite person in the world is his dad – they are the best of friends!

The Johnsons practice several cultural traditions within their home as they blend two different ways of life into one, each one bringing the family closer and closer. While they have cultural traditions they honor, they’ve also created some of their own! Every spring, the Johnsons take a family road trip to explore a place they’ve never visited before. 

It was an honor to get to know the Johnsons and tell their story. It is families like these that make what we do so beyond worth it! 

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  1. The most humble people you can meet, I love them with every inch in my body! God continue to bless this family with your love❤️

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