Meet the Haynes Family

This September, we have the privilege of honoring a family that has fought childhood cancer. The Haynes family has been through hell and back together and haven’t backed down from the fight.

Hunter and Chelsea Haynes met in high school through Hunter’s sister. They ended up being high school sweethearts and have now been married for 10 years!

Hunter worked for the Paulding County Fire Department for 10 years as a lieutenant. Two years ago, he left the fire department to pursue his business, Haynes Landscape Management. Chelsea turned her dreams into a reality by opening her own boutique in 2014. Statement Boutique has been a huge success in Paulding County ever since!

When the Haynes’ daughter, Brystol, was 2 years old, she was diagnosed with leukemia. After multiple trips to her pediatrician, CHOA ER, and numerous tests, they got the call and were told to bring her in immediately to begin treatment. For the next two and a half years, Brystol went through chemotherapy. They spent every night in the hospital together as a family and went to every doctor’s visit together as a family. 

Brystol’s treatment included numerous blood transfusions, spinal infusions, weekly IV chemo, and even a week in PICU due to her going into septic shock from a sinus infection. “Watching her go through something that we couldn’t just take away made us feel helpless as parents.” Chelsea said. Thankfully, Brystol is a trooper and is now a thriving 8 year old who kicked cancer’s butt!

The only thing that kept the Haynes family going during Brystol’s treatments was prayer and community! Without their family and friends, their journey would have been ten times harder. They all ended up stepping up in ways they could not have imagined, and for that they are immensely thankful.

The Paulding County Fire Department was also a major blessing to the Haynes family. They allowed Hunter to be with his girls whenever he needed to with absolutely no questions asked. His crew and fellow firefighters would step in and help any time they needed someone!

Brystol always looked forward to people visiting her when she was sick. She loved when friends showed up for a play date or came bringing goodies to take her mind off of feeling sick.

The little moments ended up making the biggest difference in their lives as Brystol was battling her leukemia. They don’t take anything for granted! The Haynes have also learned to recognize and help someone else who is in need when they’re able to.

“If your family is going through a similar circumstance, lean on your faith. Stay positive. Accept the blessings from others – when they offer help, TAKE IT! Going through this journey alone would have been completely unimaginable.”

This fall, Hunter, Chelsea, and Brystol are excited that football season is back! They love a Saturday surrounded by friends and family as they watch the game. When they aren’t consumed with football, they love going to North Georgia and enjoying the apple festival, going to Burt’s Farm, and taking their camper out to explore new destinations.

And as the end of the year approaches, they’re looking forward to cooler weather and getting to meet their new baby boy that will be making his appearance in January! The Haynes are all about their loved ones, so holidays filled with family are the best thing to look forward to!

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