The Crum Family

The cool fall weather is finally making its way to Georgia! While our bodies get colder, families like the Crums make our hearts grow warmer. It’s rare that you find a family that constantly finds joy in simple moments and manages to have fun no matter the circumstance.

Justin and Shanna Crum met at Camp Swatara, a Christian campground in Pennsylvania. Justin’s family were southern gospel singers who traveled all over the east coast in their tour bus singing at different churches. “The Family Circle” just so happened to end up at Shanna’s church retreat. No one could have guessed that “The Family Circle” would grow by five new members!

Shanna’s mom, who had already met Justin’s parents, was telling Shanna about Justin before she ever met him. “I’m going to marry this guy,” Shanna joked to her mom. And now, they’re getting ready to celebrate 15 years of marriage this November!

Justin grew up north of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in a small town near Amish country and wine country. Once he reached high school, he went to a vocational high school with a focus in carpentry and ended up playing soccer. Justin was also a model with Barbazon! He modeled all over Pennsylvania for brands like Jeep, L.L. Bean, Campbell Soup, and more!

Shanna grew up in Philadelphia. She was the captain of her varsity basketball team and even graduated as Salutatorian. In high school, she worked part time as a church secretary and loved to babysit!

Shanna auditioned twice for the Voice and attended Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ events in the NYC area. She got the opportunity to sing in front of VIPs from all over the country, including Hollywood managers, producers, and the President of the Gospel Music Association, an honor!

Justin and Shanna Crum have four kids – Jordan, Zachary, Joshua and Rylee. Even though the kids span a nine year gap, they’re all close and love having each other around. 

Up until last summer, the Crum family lived in the small Pennsylvania town Justin grew up in. When Justin was offered a job with the National Park Service, they packed up their family of six and moved to Paulding County. Shanna now works in the IT Industry, where she supports clients with computer and technical issues. She also has her own photography business as well, Shanna Crum Photography!

Jordan, their oldest, is a kind soul and a helpful big brother. He loves hanging out with his friends, going to fun events, and riding four wheelers. Jordan especially loves getting to play video games with all of his friends back in Pennsylvania!

Zachary, their second born, loves anything outdoors. Whether that be camping or riding bikes and four wheelers, Zachary is there with a smile on his face! He also enjoys art and math (yes, you read that right!).

Joshua, the youngest of the Crum boys, follows in his older brothers’ footsteps in his love for being outdoors, riding four wheelers, and even art! He has an exceptional talent for beatboxing and even has his own Facebook page dedicated to it!

Rylee is a little ball of sunshine! She enjoys painting her nails, getting her hands on any kind of art possible, playing with pop-its and spending time with her family! You can find her riding the four wheelers with her brothers or cuddling with her mom and dad.

Now, Justin enjoys working with his hands, building things, and working outdoors! Shanna loves to sing and is an incredible photographer. The Crums have found their church home at New Season Church and have loved the family they’ve nurtured there. Shanna sings at New Season and the whole family serves there!

As we approach winter, the Crums enjoy the milder season compared to that of Pennsylvania! They were used to having to drive through and attend school in several feet of snow, so being in Georgia has been a great change of scenery!

Special thanks to our photographer, Sydney Shepherd Photo, for taking such beautiful pictures for us!

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