Trusting God in the Unknowns of Life

How I have worn myself out before trying to figure out situations in my life. There is a part of me that believes that I would feel more at ease if I just knew the outcomes of some of life’s events. Maybe it’s my need to control things I have absolutely no control over. When we feel that we can control some of what goes on around us we tend to feel more secure. Unfortunately, this is false security because life is unpredictable many times. 

Many of us know far too well that COVID has become one of those unknowns in our lives. We would like to know when this virus will end and we can go back to our so-called normal lives. Not many people enjoy living in uncertain times. Those unknowns in our lives can range anywhere from someone we love being diagnosed with cancer to will it rain for an outdoor event planned. Basically, the unknowns in our lives can be anything that causes concern or worry. 

I like predictability and certainty, but there are times that life happens and I am thrown for a loop. How should we respond when life takes us on paths we didn’t plan for? I admit my first response is not to hold to the truth in the Bible, but I instead find myself panicking about how things will work out. Panic leads to confusion and unrest. 

I believe instead of panic our first response to the unknowns in life should be to trust God. Not always that simple right? When you don’t know when your prodigal child that you have been praying for over 15 years will come to their senses. It is easy in times like these to cave into panic. I find myself wrestling with these questions like,” God are you coming through and when?” I don’t want to wrestle with feeling God is going to let me down because He has not answered me yet, but truthfully; I do at times. 

What a great feeling when what we have been praying for gets answered quickly, but what happens when God seems slow to answer our prayers? Trusting God with those things closest to our hearts can ebb and flow, depending on how long we have been waiting on God for His answers to our prayers. We can have days that we feel strong in the Lord coming through, and then there are those days we are uncertain. I desire to have faith like Abraham did, as he was unwavering in what God spoke to him about being the father to many nations even though he was old and without children. Abraham waited many years for the promise to come to pass. The problem that I have, and maybe you do too; is that after several years of waiting for things to come to pass-I question and doubt if God will come through for me. 

What if we truly surrendered to God all the unknowns in our lives, and trusted that if God does not exactly answer the way we would like or when we would like that we can trust He still has a good plan for us? I believe we would have peace and a sense of rest and calmness. 

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