Meet the Torres Family

The Holiday season is upon us! Suddenly our nights are filled at home around a fire, watching Christmas movies and prime time football. Cookies are being baked, holiday parties are being thrown, and we’re all feeling the Christmas spirit.

The Torres family are one of those families where you can feel the love radiating off of them. They’re a close-knit team!

Alex and Yiraida Torres have lived in Paulding County since 2014. Alex was born and raised in New York City, while Yiraida was born in the Dominican Republic. She later moved from the DR to the Bronx, New York, where she grew up.

When Alex and Yiraida met at the gym in 2004, Alex was working doing legal studies. The lovebirds ended up married in 2011 and opened an Organic American and Italian restaurant in Upper Manhattan.

After all three of their children were born in New York City, the Torres family moved to Paulding County and have found their home here. Alex and Yiraida are both entrepreneurs now, with Transportation and Photo Booth businesses. 

Their boys, Alejandro and Angel, are stars on and off the field! They both play football and travel baseball, and have done track and played basketball in the past as well. Both Alejandro and Angel love to swim in the summertime and have the best time with family and friends!

Their youngest, Naixa, is their girly girl! She enjoys drawing, dancing, and anything that involves sparkles and pink! She has a huge heart and loves being with her big brothers.

The Torres family loves to travel, watch NFL and MLB games together, and grill out! They try to spend as much time with family as possible during the holidays, even in their busy sports schedules. Enjoying the moments between the hectic plans is what makes the Torres family such a special, loving team.

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