About Us

Meet the women behind Town Square Lifestyle Magazine.

Together, we hope to bring a clean, modern magazine to Paulding that highlights our Creator and His creation. You can usually find the two of us at home, snuggling our pit bull pups while watching the cheesiest love stories on the tv.

Jules Fandos

Editor in Chief

Meet the face behind Town Square Lifestyle – Jules. Jules is fueled by her passion for people and creating beauty in unlikely places. She is a creative genius and is committed to make marketing an easy and beneficial process for everyone.

Jules graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s in Business. Since then, she has become an extraordinary wife and mother. Jules successfully ran a local magazine for the past 14 years prior to Town Square Lifestyle. Outside of the magazine, she is a master at all things home improvement – building, painting, and designing. She is extremely detail oriented, making what everything she does that much better! Jules is an animal lover, health nut, and submitted child of the Father. To know her is to love her!

What She Does –
  • Ad Design
  • Layout
  • Editing
  • Communications

Anna Margaret Wilson

Creative Director

Anna Margaret is the girl behind the scenes, picking apart the inconsistencies and pushing Town Square to be bigger and better. After growing up watching Jules run the business, she quickly learned what does and doesn’t work in the marketing world. Anna Margaret brings a fresh, modern perspective to advertising that other publications may lack. Cleaner lines, simpler ads, and muted color palettes are the new way to go! She’s committed to helping you capture the viewer’s eye and understands that you should want to draw people to your personal website to help you grow.

Outside of Town Square, Anna Margaret walks dogs, does digital art, and writes. She’s a binge reader, amateur photographer, avid dirty-chai drinker, enneagram 4. AM believes in using your talents to point toward the Creator, and that’s something she strives toward every day.

What She Does –
  • Creative Consult
  • Web Design
  • Social Media
  • Writer

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