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If you’re visiting Town Square, you’re surely aware that this isn’t a normal magazine.

We were designed to be creatives by the Creator of the Universe. What a shame it would be to not use the talents He blessed us with! We want Town Square to be beautiful and stand out from other magazines from the area. A place where our audience can draw inspiration from!

Our hope is for Town Square to be what we believe God has set it apart to be, and that requires it to be unique! We don’t want it to be just for the sake of being – we want the community to be involved! Tell us about the people you love, write about what sets your soul on fire, share your talents with us! Community is beautiful and we want to celebrate that!

Town Square has upgraded to premium gloss paper, upped our circulation to 25,000 Paulding homes + businesses, and committed to creating gorgeous ads to showcase our beloved advertisers.

We’re straying away from busy ads filled with coupons and overloads of information. If there’s too much going on in your ad, people will skip over it! Trust us, less is more! No one hates wasted advertising more than us! With social media being a huge influence in marketing these days, the game has changed. You no longer need to cram every bit of information into an ad.

The goal of advertising in this day and age is to capture your audience’s attention and spark curiosity within them. What good is paying hundreds of dollars for a fancy website if no one is visiting it? If you spend your precious advertising dollars on a cramped ad, no one is going to need to visit your website. We aim to provide our readers with the essentials and push them to your website to generate traffic.

Don’t believe us? We live in a world that revolves around getting the perfect pictures with the best lighting to post at the peak time of day to maximize the number of likes we get. Restaurants across the country have come to realize that as long as they have an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, they can serve mediocre food and people will still show up.

Town Square recognizes that what you have to offer – the business that you have put all of your time and efforts into – is worth being seen! We want to help your business be the talk of the town.

So let’s ditch the harsh color palettes, the coupon cut outs, and the oversharing of information that could easily be provided elsewhere. Let’s incorporate earthy tones, clean lines, and beautiful images that leave your audience in awe.

We deeply love
and care about
our advertisers.
Want to learn
more about
becoming part
of the Town
Square family?

We wouldn’t be where we are without our community.

We want to meet you guys!
Rich or poor. Young or old. Black or white.
Anyone in between!
If you know a family or individual that deserves to have their story told, nominate them here!

Reach out to us to make all of your advertising dreams come true.

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