Sustainable Sustenance

Although good nutrition is essential for human life, food production has a significant impact on the environment. Taking a more sustainable approach to sustaining your body can help protect the Earth and its climate. Food production accounts for more than one-fourth of all greenhouse gas emissions, according to a report compiled by “Our World inContinue reading “Sustainable Sustenance”

How to Help Manage Pet Separation Anxiety

For more than a year, working from home and keeping social circles small has meant people have been able to spend more time with their pets. However, as the country continues to open up, it’s likely many are spending less time at home with their pets. As a result, pet parents should be prepared toContinue reading “How to Help Manage Pet Separation Anxiety”

Encourage Your Kids to Keep Healthy Habits this School Year

While the world is slowly returning to normal, it can be a hectic time for you and your kids. You want your kids to have everything they need to do well in school. At the same time, balancing their educational needs with your responsibilities can be challenging. One of the biggest challenges is ensuring yourContinue reading “Encourage Your Kids to Keep Healthy Habits this School Year”

2021 Paulding High School Football Seniors

The best season of the year is finally here – football season! The air will soon become cooler, the stadium lights will come back on with full force, and the team will run headfirst out of colorful banners. Friday nights from now until Christmas will be reserved for sitting on the bleachers, rain or shine,Continue reading “2021 Paulding High School Football Seniors”

Town Square Fireworks!

City of Hiram’s Red White & BOOM!  Saturday, June 26th 2021 // 6pm-9pm at Ben Hill Strickland ParkKids activities, food vendors, and a band! Fireworks begin at 9:30pm. Shuttle will be provided from Hiram Elementary and 76 Seaboard Street. Dallas Invitational Patriotic Parade Saturday, July 3rd 2021 // 10am-4pm on Main Street – Downtown Dallas​ParadeContinue reading “Town Square Fireworks!”

Chinchilla Photo Co.

Chris Chinchilla is a professional wedding photographer who is in love with what he does. He loves to capture things in their natural states, whether that be couples, events, or worship because his favorite photos are often found to be a good mix of authenticity and creativity. Being in photographer is a difficult balance, betweenContinue reading “Chinchilla Photo Co.”

You’re Retired, Now What?

June is Effective Communications Month. And it’s a good idea to recognize the  importance of good communications, because it plays a role in almost every aspect of living – including your finances. You’ll want to clearly communicate your financial goals to your loved ones – and you’ll want to hear theirs, too. Let’s look at some ofContinue reading “You’re Retired, Now What?”

Launch Your Boat into a New Season

Whether you’re racing against the waves or quietly floating with a pole in hand, a day on the water is hard to beat. However, before you can enjoy the excitement of a new season, there are several steps you need to take to make sure your boat is ready for the ride. System Check YourContinue reading “Launch Your Boat into a New Season”

North Paulding Underwater Robotics

In 2011, within the halls of Sammy McClure Middle School, North Paulding’s very own Underwater Robotics Team was formed. With the help of middle school coaches Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Fritsche, as well as high school coaches Mr. Gardener, Mr. Lees, Mr. Loomis and community coach Mr. Lewis, the team has expanded to include 85Continue reading “North Paulding Underwater Robotics”