With Ultra-Low Rates, Should You Still Invest in Bonds?

Contributed by Roberto De Jesus, Edward Jones Financial – Acworth If you’ve been investing for many years and you’ve owned bonds, you’ve seen some pretty big changes on your financial statements. In 2000, the average yield on a 10-year U.S. Treasury security was about 6%; in 2010, it had dropped to slightly over 3%, andContinue reading “With Ultra-Low Rates, Should You Still Invest in Bonds?”

Receiving Hope Center

The Receiving Hope Center in Dallas is a short-term residential facility providing trauma-informed care to survivors of domestic minor sex trafficking. Up to 20 participants (ages 12-17) attend Hope Academy there for school, receive medical services, individual and group therapy, and ongoing behavioral support. The center is part of the nonprofit organization Wellspring Living andContinue reading “Receiving Hope Center”

How to Love and Accept Others in Our Compromising Culture

Do you have trouble loving others who may be doing things that are unacceptable to you? Do you tend to judge or think thoughts like, “I would never behave like that?” I never knew how to love others right where they were at. I wanted people to “get their acts together and turn from theirContinue reading “How to Love and Accept Others in Our Compromising Culture”

Sydney Shepherd Photography

Sydney Shepherd is a Northwest Georgia photographer specializing in intimate weddings and elopements. She has a passion for traveling like no other and incorporates that in her business by helping couples live out their dream wedding day in epic destinations. Her mission is to tell her couples love stories through her images and educate newlyContinue reading “Sydney Shepherd Photography”