Mother’s Day Gardening

By Mary Carrol Sheffield Historically, Mother’s Day is a time to honor motherhood and it is celebrated in different ways and at different times throughout the world. Mother’s Day in the United States became an official holiday in 1914, although the origins date back to the 19th Century, when the, Ann Reeves Jarvis, helped startContinue reading “Mother’s Day Gardening”

God is Resurrecting New Life Into the Dead and Barren Places in Your Life

As I am looking out my office window I can see the effects on my plants and flowers from the hard freeze we had the night before last. What I did not cover is turning brown and dying. I wonder if these plants will ever come to life again. The Lord always teaches me throughContinue reading “God is Resurrecting New Life Into the Dead and Barren Places in Your Life”

Blueberries are Successful Plants for Home Gardeners

What better time than the final days of winter to think ahead to a brimming bowl of blueberries freshly harvested and still warmed from the sun right out of your home garden? Blueberries are a successful cash crop for Georgia farmers and an easily grown fruit for the home gardener, as well, with their minimalContinue reading “Blueberries are Successful Plants for Home Gardeners”

Building Children’s Emotional Resilience Amid Uncertainty

For parents facing uncertain school schedules, new ways of working and concerns about the health and safety of their families, life in a pandemic is stressful enough. Add in the potential for children to feel overwhelmed and many families feel they are in no-win situations. Keeping children home can help minimize potential exposure to COVID-19,Continue reading “Building Children’s Emotional Resilience Amid Uncertainty”

How Can Women Overcome Obstacles to Financial Security?

On March 8, we observe International Women’s Day, a celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Of course, women still tend to encounter more obstacles than men in the pursuit of financial security. Let’s consider a few of them. To begin with, women are still more likely to leave the workforce,Continue reading “How Can Women Overcome Obstacles to Financial Security?”

Let’s Focus On Your Hallway

Thinking about decorating your home usually inspires you to think about decorating your living room, bedroom, or even your kitchen or bathroom. But rarely, does your hallway come to mind first. It is only logical. After all, you spend the least of your time there. However, it is a part of your home that peopleContinue reading “Let’s Focus On Your Hallway”

Supporting A Friend Who Suffers From Anxiety

Supporting A Friend Who Suffers From Anxiety By Kunal Sutar It’s never easy watching a loved one experience anxiety day in and day out, but there are ways you can help. Aiding your loved ones begins with identifying the signs of extreme worry and learning the best ways to provide support for them. The mostContinue reading “Supporting A Friend Who Suffers From Anxiety”